Banana ripening rooms – your partner for superior quality

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  • Sophisticated, innovative technology
  • Tarpaulin covering, airbag technology or solid ceiling
  • Mobile system
  • Top-quality building materials that are environment-friendly and suitable for food contact

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Being one of the market leaders in Europe, our banana ripening rooms leave nothing to be desired. Regardless of whether you require pressurised ripening rooms with tarpaulin covering, airbag technology or solid ceiling. We also offer a variety of access and gate systems to meet your requirements, which are developed and manufactured within our company. An advantage of our ripening rooms is their mobility. We can design and build the rooms so that they can be easily dismantled, moved and re-erected in a new location.

The ripening agent is controlled by the latest state of the art technology; the consistent airflow guarantees uniformity of the ripening process throughout the whole room. Furthermore, with our banana ripening rooms you can benefit from reliable measuring equipment, remote monitoring, energy consumption monitoring and energy optimisation, allowing you to save energy and costs.

We would be delighted to discuss your project with you and are looking forward to finding a solution to satisfy your requirements.





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