Privacy Policy

Preface The owners of Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH take the protection of your personal data seriously. Special consideration of your privacy when processing personal data is important to us. Personal data is used in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act of Germany (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz BDSG); the operators of this website undertake to maintain the confidentiality of such data. These web pages may contain links to websites run by third-party providers; this data protection declaration does not cover such third-party websites. For further important information, please refer to the General Terms of Use.

1. Personal data Personal data is information that could be used to find out someone’s identity. This includes information such as the real name, address, postal address, telephone number. Information that is not directly associated with your real identity (such as favoured websites or number of users of a site) does not fall under this category.

On principle you can use our online services without disclosing your identity. If you decide to register as a member (registered user), you can store personal information within the individual user profile. It is at your own discretion whether you enter such data. As we strive to collect as limited personal data as possible for you to use our services, it is sufficient to specify a user name (under which you will be registered as a member and which does not have to be your real name) and your e-mail address, to which we will send you a password. Data that is associated with access to our web pages (such as IP address, date, time and pages viewed) will be stored on our server. We do not make use of personal data in the process. We reserve the right to statistically evaluate data records on an anonymous basis.

We will use your personal data only to the extent required for the technical administration of our web pages as well as for client management purposes. Furthermore, your personal data will only be stored if you have provided them voluntarily.

2. Dissemination of personal data We use personal information only for this website. We will not pass on this information to any third party without your explicit consent. If, as part of order data processing, data is passed on to service providers, the latter are subject to the Federal Data Protection Act of Germany (BDSG) and other statutory provisions and are contractually bound to the Privacy Policy of Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH.

We will collect and pass your personal data on to government organisations and authorities only within the scope of statutory obligations.

3. Use of cookies We use “cookies” (small files containing configuration data). These cookies help to ascertain user-specific settings and to implement specific user functions. We do not use cookies to acquire any personal data. You can also use our website without cookies; however, this may restrict the use of some user-defined features and settings.
4. Protection of minors Persons under the age of 18 should not submit any personal data to us without the permission of their parents or legal guardians. We do not request or collect any personal data from children and do not pass such information on to third parties.

5. Right of cancellation If you have provided us with personal data, you can change or delete this data at any time in your user profile. If you wish to permanently delete your account, please contact the webmaster. However, any contributions made in forums, commentaries, announcements of events, and articles may possibly remain preserved – for further information please also refer to the General Terms of Use.
6. Links to other websites Our website contains links to other websites. We have no influence on whether the operators of such websites comply with the data protection regulations.
7. Contributions Any contributions made on our website are publicly accessible. Before publication, please check carefully that such contributions do not contain any information that is not intended for the public domain. These contributions may be acquired by search engines and become globally accessible without specifically accessing our website.
8. Questions and comments If you have any questions or suggestions or comments on the issue of data protection, please contact the webmaster of Plattenhardt + Wirth GmbH by e-mail.